to the beginning of hope and the end of hopelessness

to the beginning of hope and the end of hopelessness

We are a Canadian organization with a mission to increase access to effective healthcare for children in the Middle East.

Our Vision

to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of healing for every child so that no child suffers because they did not have access to the highest quality medical care

Our History

Love Them All’s amazing story started in 2016 when Racheal arrived in Iraqi Kurdistan for the first time. With the desire to make a difference she said yes to an opportunity; to help one family facilitate...
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What We Do

Love Them All exists to promote health in the Middle East with a focus on life-saving interventions and care for special needs infants and young children. We achieve our goals by working directly with and...
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Our Friends

We are a Canadian organization who works with organizations from all around the world. Friends listed here include organizations with shared vision from the Kurdish region of Iraq, and surrounding regions. We engage medical professionals...
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Love Stories

Keeping Hope Alive

Baby Paiwand

Noticing that his skin was beginning to turn blue and his breathing was more and more laboured, his parents rushed him to the Raparin hospital... Read More "Baby Paiwand"

Baby Marwa

We were contacted by a doctor at the Raparin Teaching Hospital with news about a baby girl named Marwa struggling for her life. Her prospects... Read More "Baby Marwa"

Baby Lalo

Meet Lalo, we got to know Lalo while he was on his way to receiving lifesaving heart surgery abroad. Surgery was the only option for... Read More "Baby Lalo"

Baby Elyar

We met the beautiful mother of Zerva, Kawther, a few years ago at the Raparin government Hospital for Children. Kawther gave birth to Zerva while... Read More "Baby Elyar"


Saving Lives Together

The Hospital That Changes Everything

For many, this unique hospital will be a bright light, as the only one dedicated to cardiac care for children in the region. Read More "The Hospital That Changes Everything"

An Ambulance for Love Them All

One of Love Them All's missions is to support transportation of children to immediate life... Read More "An Ambulance for Love Them All"