Love Them All - Facilitating Medical Care for Children in the Middle East
What We Do

What We Do

Medical care for children in many parts of the Middle East are often times out of reach. Love Them All strives to make a difference first by exploring opportunities to educate and equip the local community and second by facilitating transportation to medical care abroad. We achieve our goals by building relationships with the local community to identify needs and facilitate long and short term projects. We love connections and value relationships. To find out more about how you can get involved click here.

Local Immediate Medical Care

We endeavour to help sick, injured and special needs children receive immediate help locally from clinics and hospitals in the region where they live. We want to help underprivileged families make informed decisions regarding medical challenges for themselves and for their children. One of the ways we do this is through building and establishing relationships with the local community, seeking out skilled physicians and facilitating connections. We also provide transportation to and from clinics and hospitals for patients when possible so that each child receives the care they need when they need it.

Transportation to the best medical care

Sadly, mortality rates due to congenital heart defects in the Middle East are among the highest in the world. As long as current local conditions persist in the Middle East there will be a need to facilitate transportation to life saving surgeries abroad. This type of intervention is particularly needed by Iraqi, Syrian and Yazidi children in the Kurdish region of Iraq where Love Them All started its operations. Love Them All partners with doctors, surgery centres and organizations abroad to facilitate travel and provide emergency surgery. In this process we raise funds to pay for passports, flights, medical exams, and medications. These surgeries are usually the only hope for a child to live. The costs are negotiated and kept low even though we have access to some of the best doctors and surgeons in the Middle East that we can find. Our partners perform many miracles and have been very helpful, providing the highest level of medical care.


Health care facilities and qualified medical staff in emerging countries in the Middle East often lack equipment, medical devices and medicines. Basic equipment like pediatric oxygen masks, oxygen probes, paediatric nasal cannulas and ambo bags for infants can drastically improve the quality of care in these facilities where access to supplies is low. We look for every opportunity to facilitate the donation of medical equipment and medicines, utilizing established systems in partnership with other organizations to bring donations safely to their destination.


Local medical communities benefit greatly from medical training to improve paediatric medical care, particularly in emerging and remote communities in the Middle East where funding for government facilities is insufficient. We bring doctors from around the world who offer training to local staff. These missions can vary in length and objective but all are made to better equip the local medical community in Iraqi Kurdistan. Contact us for more information and to find out how you can help.

Our Team

We have the privilege of working with medical professionals from many places including Canada, United States and Egypt.