Love Them All - Facilitating Medical Care for Children in the Middle East
Our Partners

Our Partners

We are an international organization with partnerships from all around the world. Our partnerships include people from the Kurdish region of Iraq, Egypt, USA and Canada and we are constantly expanding. We engage medical professionals and governments with the goal of building new bridges and partnerships. Our current focus is to support the Raparin Teaching Hospital For Children in Erbil. If you want to partner with us please let us know HERE.

El-Galaa Teaching Hospital in Cairo, Egypt

Our partnership began with an opportunity to send doctors from Erbil and Sulaymaniyah to the El-Galaa Teaching Hospital in Egypt for training. We continue to pursue and value these opportunities tremendously, believing they have lasting impact.

Raparin Teaching Hospital For Children in Erbil

Raparin was previously a hospital for treating soldiers with infection. Roughly 15 years ago it was converted into a paediatric hospital and teaching hospital, the only government paediatric hospital in the region. We have formed a partnership that results in greater opportunity for staff and patients to receive improved training and treatment. Love Them All has organized for doctors and nurses around the world (Egypt, UK, Hong Kong, USA) to visit and provide invaluable teaching and training.

Paediatric Cardiac Center in Sulaymaniyah

Love Them All began partnering with the Paediatric Cardiac Center in Sulaymaniyah a few years ago, when the organization started supporting children to travel for life changing heart surgeries. They have been instrumental in providing accurate testing and surgeries for countless children in desperate need. A brand new cardiac paediatric hospital in Sulaymaniyah is in the works and we want to support their efforts as they train new staff and bring in new equipment.